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1. I need information before ordering!

Contact our Sales Manager, Jess

2. I've placed an order, but haven't got it yet

Contact our Logistics Manager, Ashley

3. I've got my order, but something isn't right.

Contact our Customer Support Manager, Nadia

4. Contests, Company information, Product suggestions, or anything else.

Contact our Customer Support Manager, Nadia

    For example:
  • If you want help deciding on a product, choose 1.
  • If you want a bulk order or an order quickly, choose 1.
  • If you've ordered and are having payment problems choose 2.
  • If you've ordered and haven't got it yet, choose 2.
  • If something arrived damaged or missing, choose 3.
  • If you want to suggest a new product or ask about a contest, choose 4.
  • If your enquiry isnt regarding ordering, choose 4.