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First play - Juggle Dream Solo clubs

Brand new from Juggle Dream is the Solo clubs - a halfway between single piece plastic clubs and the top-of-the-range Euro clubs. Great looking clubs at a bargain price.

At 200 grams each, these clubs are a little on the lighter side than most Euro clubs - making them ideal for young hands or the easily tired hands.

First tried juggling them inside - and first throw was accurate and predictable, and simple patterns just worked. Off the body rolls with the clubs worked well too, the weight distribution and balance point is not as perfect as your $35+ each clubs, but still good enough for most tricks.

After maybe 30 times dropped onto brick tiles, there was some light marks on the white handles - but these rubbed off with fingers only. Some minor scratches to the white plastic caused by my clumsy juggling were only just visible under thorough inspection.

All in all a very nice club, and comes highly recommended.

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